Knights' Work!

Council 3793 joins other Knights to pray for Life.  The Knights have begun a Novena for the Cause of Life.  Basically this is 9 days of prayers to pray for the appreciation of life with a special praying of the Rosary followed by a special prayer for each day.  Find out more at

Knights are also joining together to pray for expectant mothers and their unborn children.  During the 40 Days of Life campaign, Knights pray near Planned Parenthood clinics that the children be given a chance at life.  More than just praying, Knights help fund a mobile clinic to give these mothers a free exam and a chance to discuss alternatives to abortion.  Join us in prayer!

The Wild Game Supper

Watch this for information about the annual Wild Game Supper, historically held the 4th Friday of January.  The next one will be held on January 22, 2021 with the arrangements to be determined.

Great fun with huge raffles, games, prizes, a grand auction, and a delicious meal!


Meeting on November 2 with a meal!

For the last several months we have had a meal with our monthly meeting.  Brother Dennis and his cooking crew will cook up a delicious meal for the members.  A serving crew will safely get food to your plate.  We only ask that you attend and practice the required social distancing and mask etiquette.

I know Covid-19 has been a true annoyance, but I would rather safely meet all of you for a very long time than enjoy a short time with high risk.

On November 10, at 6:30 pm, at Guardian Angel Church in Wallis, the Council and Catholic Daughters will celebrate a Memorial Mass recognizing members who have passed on in the last year and recognizing their family left behind. This will be followed by a short reception at the Columbus Club Hall. 

On October 25, the Columbus Club is sponsoring a Turkey Dinner, with To Go plates at $10 each, made from freshly cooked turkeys with homemade dressing and the trimmings!  Plan to get yours and enjoy the meal. Click here for more information.


 We would like to increase attendance at Council meetings.  If you are a member, please come!


Big News!

If you are not currently a Knight, it is easy to sign up, and the National membership dues have been waived for new Knights!  Simply go to the Supreme Knights of Columbus web site and sign up.  Use our Council # to immediately request membership.  If approved, you can even achieve 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees online!  The Supreme Council is coming up with new ways to continue growing our Brotherhood and do good works for the world!